Visit to International High School NOVA

On 22 November 2017, the UACS School of Foreign Languages students, within their Syntax class and joined by their course instructor – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marjana Vaneva, visited the premises of the International High School NOVA – Skopje. They observed a high-level group learning Reading and Language Arts, where the students were taught English through reading literature. Their teacher was Dijana Obradovic.

The aim of the university students’ visit to this school and group was to see how the good knowledge of the English language and its correct use seen at this high-school group makes the communication unobstructed, arms students with self-confidence and eases their expression. Based on this, it was easy to predict how the incorrect use of syntax, that is, the use of syntactically incorrect sentences would hinder the students’ expression in English.

The UACS students are in their third year of studies, teaching concentration, taking Syntax as a required course.

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