Quehenberger Logistics Macedonia Visit by UACS SBEM Master Students

As part of the process of integrating theory with real-world of practice, the UACS SBEM Master students in Marketing experienced a one day visit to Quehenberger Logistics Macedonia, Skopje branch.

Company visits represent an excellent opportunity for connecting concepts and curriculum taught in the classroom with operations in the business world. Therefore, Master students in Marketing had a rare opportunity to learn about the practical applications of the things that they had learned during the lectures, by meeting and talking with professionals that put the concepts to work each day.

During their visit, students were introduced to Quehenberger Logistics operations as a group, as well as the portfolio of services. They were also presented with the Macedonian market operations.  During the office tour, UACS SBEM students were able to learn more about the practical issues that employees are dealing with in their daily business activities, operations executed inside the warehouse and the practical use of information technology. They were engaged to think about how products are stored, managed and then distributed to the places of final consumption.

Students had quality time learning about distribution and logistics, so they had decided to share their impressions about their experience with the company visit.

The student Veronika Trajkova said: “Visiting Quehenberger Logistics Macedonia was a great experience, and definitely an excellent end of the course. We saw in practice most of the things we learned about during the class. We saw how things are done properly in the biggest logistics company in Macedonia.”

The student Luka Pazin also shared his experiences with the visit, by saying: “It was an interesting visit, since I think everyone could learn something new and get some new ideas for the future”.

The student Boris Georgievski also has shared his reflection and experience from the visit. He said that this visit was very helpful for him since it provided important information, which will probably give him some directions about the paths that he should follow in his future business career.


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