UACS Alumni of the Month – Berat Dehari

Interview with Berat Dehari – The first PhD at UACS 

You have been part of the UACS family for a long time. Can you describe us your first impression of the university, what`s the first thing that that comes to your mind?

It was the year of 2016 when I decided to be part of the doctoral study program, UACS was the only university licensed and internationally accredited for the PhD program. As a university, it fulfilled my ambitions in terms of the study program, the literature and the practice part, including the dissertation. Above all, I want to mention the academic staff who are among the most advanced in the region and beyond, with most of the professors being a part of several world universities. These professors are part of the collaboration in the realization of the final project, the doctorate, and at the same time part of the committee for the public defense of the dissertation.


You graduated at the UACS School of Business Economics. What is the most important lesson you have learnt?

I graduated in business economics and management – concentration business administration. I would like to point out as most important and interesting the statistical comparison in case studies when comparing data between the financial police of our country and some European countries, such as Italy and Bulgaria.

What have you been up to since graduating? In what direction is your career path moving?

Since I defended my doctoral thesis with the title “Job satisfaction and employee`s behavior in public administration: comparative focusing on Financial Police”, my ambitions certainly lean towards academic work. The current position I hold does not allow me to engage in this direction, but of course, with the academic title of PhD, life horizons or, in other words professional career, takes on a different meaning by having new opportunities available in advancing professional status and engaging in more institutions, including international ones.


What would you recommend to the young people thinking about what university to choose? What are the most important aspects of studying at UACS?

From my experience so far I want to emphasize that UACS was created to become a motivation and pioneer in higher education, helping us understand that in addition to graduation, it can open many horizons both in the personal and professional sphere. UACS made me realize that the realization of dreams is not impossible. It is an extraordinary opportunity that offers us with high standards, respecting and creating opportunities for everyone who has a vision for life, while at the same time creating possibilities to new career paths, I would say international ones.


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